Final Days demo: “Difficulty” update (v0.15.7)

I’ve just released a minor update to the Final Days alpha demo (v0.15.7).

Some new players were finding the difficulty of Final Days to be a bit too full on. So I’ve added a difficulty option when starting a game which should help with that. So if you’ve been struggling a bit, try changing the difficulty to “Easy”. And if you’d like more of a challenge, you can bump it up to “Hard” or even “Insane”!

I’ve also made a few other changes, tweaks, and fixes which are detailed in the changelog below.

If you already have the demo installed, you should be prompted to update when you next launch the game. If not, you can download the Final Days demo from here.

v0.15.7 Changelog

  • Added difficulty option (easy, normal, hard, or insane)
  • Changed: For single player, further reduced the delay after game over before the player can respawn (2.5s instead of 4s)
  • Changed: For multiplayer, the player can now choose to spawn much sooner after the final rankings are displayed (2.5s instead of 10s). The final rankings will also remain visible for the player until they choose to spawn.
  • Changed: Added lighting to power-ups so they stand out better in the dark
  • Changed: Colour code ping times in server browser
  • Changed: Made the dedicated server UI a little more friendly
  • Changed: Made some minor performance improvements
  • Changed: Games hosted in this version are not compatible with older versions
  • Fixed a rare crash which could occur when browsing servers