Final Days now available on Steam Early Access!

Final Days is now available to buy on Steam Early Access!

As a solo game developer, community support and feedback has a huge impact and means a lot to me. I believe Early Access is a great way to allow fans to play now while helping shape development. Your feedback will help me improve Final Days and make it a better game!

So if you’re interested in getting involved with the Final Days alpha, then I’d love to have you on board! There is a 20% discount for the first week as a reward to early adopters. For more information, please check out Final Days on Steam.

And to coincide with the Steam Early Access launch, I’ve also updated the demo version (to v0.16.0 alpha). There’s no major changes, just a few small fixes and changes. Here’s what’s changed since the last release:

  • Added “more info / contact” menu
  • Added main menu entry to buy Final Days on Steam
  • Changed: Updated exit screen to include links to buy and give feedback
  • Changed: When a player dies, they now drop up to 3 ammo power-ups randomly chosen from what they had (anything with at least half a clip left is counted)
  • Changed: Rankings are now displayed at the top of the screen (instead of centred)
  • Fixed: Logs are now written to “App Data” (specifically “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\+7 Software\Final Days”) instead of “My Documents”. This should stop false detection by ransomware protection products (e.g. Bitdefender) which think that Final Days is trying to mess with the users documents.
  • Fixed: Final Rankings would only display for a couple of seconds after surviving the hordes, before continuing on with the game
  • Fixed: Local players score would be zeroed in the Final Rankings if another player continued playing