Minor update to Final Days demo (v0.14.3)

I’ve just released a minor update to the Final Days alpha demo (v0.14.3). It’s mainly just to make hosting a game a bit more straightforward.

If you already have the demo installed, you should be automatically prompted to update when you next launch the game. If not, you can download the Final Days demo from here.

v0.14.3 alpha changelog

  • Changed: When starting a new game, the game type is now specified in the same screen
  • Added: When starting a new public game, a prompt is now shown about UPnP / port forwarding requirements
  • Added prompt about Steam Greenlight when exiting

And for completeness, here are the changelogs for the previous updates I released also:

v0.14.2 alpha (2016-02-16)

  • Changed: Feedback screen now also supports clicking of the submit/cancel labels
  • Added hovering help text for doors and crates
  • Fixed: Cancelling out of the “manual connect” address entry could cause a crash
  • Fixed crash at startup when in a region using decimal commas (e.g. European countries)

v0.14.1 alpha (2016-02-03)

  • Fixed a GDI leak in MonoGame which occured when running in fullscreen and could eventually lead to a crash
  • Changed: Try to gracefully handle the rare possibility of the crash reporter crashing
  • Changed: Improved server crash handling

For future reference, you can view the complete changelog in the Final Days installation directory (normally “C:\Program Files (x86)\Final Days Demo”). The file is named “DemoChangelog.txt”.

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