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Multiplayer Mutant Massacring Mayhem!

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About Final Days

These are humanity’s Final Days… Dirty warfare has left most of the population mutated and thirsty for blood. Band together and battle for your survival!

Final Days is an intense co-op shooter where you battle against massive mutant hordes. Go it alone, or team up with as many friends as you can muster! Can you survive?

Final Days

Current Game Modes

  • Campaign: Rendezvous
    Your base has been overrun! Battle your way through the mutant hordes to reach the extraction point in 7 days time.
    Battle through 7 different maps and survive long enough to be rescued!
  • Campaign: Escape
    You’re holed up in an underground bunker and supplies have run out. Unfortunately, the upper levels are infested with mutants! Escape to the surface as quickly as you can.
    Procedurally generated levels mean that each game is different.
  • Last Stand
    The mutants are coming and you’re making your last stand! How long can you survive?
    There are currently 10 maps available to choose from.
  • Eradication
    Clear the bunker of mutants floor by floor. How low can you get?
    Procedurally generated levels mean that each game is different.

Final Days

Current Features

  • Battle ever-growing hordes of mutants as their numbers increase into the hundreds!
  • Enjoy intense multi-player sessions with as many friends as you can muster (up to 16 players!)
  • Play split-screen with up to 4 friends on the same computer (and still be able to join online/LAN games!)
  • Destroy the mutant hordes with several different ammo types and explosives
  • Think on your feet as the hordes (and sometimes other players) destroy the environment
  • Feel the tension as the realistic field of view forces you to check your surroundings
  • Control the action using either a twin-stick controller or keyboard & mouse
  • Earn bragging rights with your scores on the leaderboards and unlockable achievements
  • Enjoy awesome tunes by The Groove Foundry

Final Days

Play Final Days

Final Days is currently in the alpha stage of development. If you’d like to try it in its current state, then there’s a FREE demo you can play right now!

Can’t wait? Want to play the full version in its current alpha state? Well it’s available to buy now as an Early Access title on Steam!

Would You Like To Know More?

For the very latest news and updates, be sure to follow +7 Software on Twitter. The official forums on Steam are also a great source for the latest announcements and discussions. There is also an official Discord group where you chat with me and the community.

If you just major want major news and announcements, then the announcements on Steam are the best place to find that. The blog also gets big announcements posted to it, but is not updated very often.

Thanks For Your Support!

As a solo game developer, your support and feedback has a huge impact and means a lot to me. I’ve put a lot of work into Final Days, so if you’re enjoying it or there’s something I could do better, let me know!

If you’d like to show your support and are wondering how you can help me out, then here are a few suggestions:

  • Get involved with the Early Access on Steam.
  • Follow +7 Software on Twitter, and retweet/like any tweets that you like.
  • Give me some feedback. Let me know what you like or don’t like. Your suggestions and ideas are welcome!
  • Tell your friends and family about Final Days, and share this website with others.

How To Contact Me

There are a few ways you can reach me:


Please see here for attributions for all third party works used by Final Days.

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