Final Days Demo

Final Days Demo

final-days-title3-squareThis demo version only contains 1 map and 4 ammo types (whereas the full version has much more). It is also still an alpha, meaning it’s unfinished (and may have a few bugs). But I’m hoping the demo will give you a taste of what the full game will be like.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, then I’d love to hear it! Please feel free to give me feedback directly in-game, via e-mail, or Twitter.

And if you enjoy the demo and would like to get more involved with the alpha, then Final Days is available to buy now as an Early Access title on Steam. The full version contains more game modes, maps, ammo types, explosives, achievements, leaderboards, and more!

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy Final Days! 🙂

P.S. Please feel free to share any screenshots or videos you take of Final Days!

For more info about Final Days, please check out the main page.



The easiest way to install and play the Final Days demo is via Steam. You can download it for free from the store page here:


If you don’t use Steam, you can alternatively grab the demo from itch. You can download it here:

I recommend using the itch app to make installing the demo easier. The other benefit of using the app is that you’ll receive updates automatically.


How do I change my player name?

If you’re not using the Steam version, you can go into the options and change it to what you want. Note that if you’re already in a game, you must re-join for the change to take effect.

If you’re using the Steam version, your player name comes from Steam.

How do I use my gamepad controller?

Simply start the game using your desired controller. Any Xbox 360 compatible gamepad controller should work. Do not use the keyboard/mouse to start the game as that will enable keyboard/mouse controls.


Please refer to the troubleshooting guide on Steam.

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